I Repaired A Broken Water Well In Cypress, TX No One Else Could Figure Out

There was a wealthy man in Cypress Texas who had his share of bad water well services. This was a well that had a lot of history meaning dozens of people and different well services had worked on this well. I heard about this project and decided to get involved. This man goes by the name of Lynn. Very generous man who’d passion was helping people who had drug problems. In doing so he turned his little mansion into a drug rehab to help those less fortunate. His one major problem was that his well had no pressure. Tank kept getting water logged which means more water less air inside pressure tank. Upon arrival I noticed a gooseneck trailer loaded with PVC pipe that had been pulled out of Lynn’s well. Several old pumps , fittings e.t.c.. The well had a 3 hp control box that was wired around the two breaker on box that protect the pump. No one was certain on what size pump was in well , 3hp or 5hp. After further inspection I told Lynn I could fix this well that all these other people couldn’t but we needed to start from scratch. I needed to pull pump to see what was down there. The pump had just been replaced 2 weeks prior to me showing up.

As I began to pull the well I noticed there was no bleeder valve which goes 40 ft down on a 3hp or bigger. So many improper installations. First of all the PVC drop pipe was not sch. 80 but thin wall pipe. The electrical wire was 12 wire instead of 10. Instead of using electrical tape to secure wire to drop pipe they used concrete ties which cut into wire that is 220 volts. The drop pipe was not threaded but yet glue together with srthort couplings that can easily pull a part. That’s not all people this 2 weeks 3hp pump was very used. Another victim of greed from a cowardly well service. I replaced the pump ran the right gauge wire , added sch. 80 threaded PVC drop. This well not only had a pressure problem, but was making sand. So I designed a sand trap by using a existing pressure tank that held 315 gallons along with the pressure tank they had hooked up that held 550 gallons. The first 315 gallons tank catches all the sand by running the PVC into bottom of tank then u exit tank out the top enter the 2nd tank. By exiting out the top of the first tank it allows all the sand to settle to the bottom pulling from the top only clean sweetwater. Then pumps to 2nd tank not only being sand free but added together giving a total of over 800 gallon capacity. After thousands of dollars spent to no avail , numerous water well businesses attempts Lynn’s well was finally at perfection. The well that couldn’t be repaired was finally fixed. Lynn couldn’t thank me enough and I now know he will never let anyone but Sweetwater work on his well.

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