Reputable Well Repair Services In Dayton, TX

There is a couple in Dayton, Texas that was living in a trailer house that should have been condemned, short of unlivable. A church congregation got together and raised enough money to purchase another mobile home for them. The only problem they had was well wasn’t working. A well man was called out assessed the problem and the result was pump needed replacing. The cost was $1200 which this couple did not have. Tiny, a 600lbs man, and his wife are on a fixed income both being disabled. So 2 people from the church that bought the mobile home for Tiny and his mate came up with the $1200. Chase and his mother Gail paid this so called water well man who came out a spent a short amount of time coming up with the well still wasn’t working due to the amount of sand it was making. He then went into Tiny’s home and advised the two that due to the sand they needed to replace the components inside toilets. So Tiny and his wife counted in change their last 25 dollars and gave to the water well man. He left in his truck to never be seen again.

With $1200 dollars spent still no water. I, Sweetwater well service, found out about this it disturbed me greatly so I contacted Tiny and he began to tell me how he was scammed by this water well man. I couldn’t believe what my ears was hearing. I could feel his pain of being taking advantage of. At this time since I discovered this mishap it had been almost 6 weeks without no water. Two disabled people living without water. I end up speaking to a God sent gentleman by the name of Chase who with his mom’s help would pay to again have the well repaired again. With money being tight, and considering what Tiny and his wife had been through being ripped off, I did most of the parts a cost and some parts I donated slicing the bill by hundreds of dollars. This service call was way out of my service area being 3 1/2 hours full trip.

Upon arrival first thing i noticed was the new well pump that Tiny bought wasn’t a new well pump at all but was nevertheless a very used pump. After further inspection i came to the conclusion that their wasn’t anything wrong with the original well pump. The problem with the well was bad foot valve down in the well. So i pulled up drop pipe, replaced foot valve and jet added a sand trap. Not long at all water was filling up the pressure tank what a wonderful sound. It was a awesome feeling walking into that house looking that couple in their faces and telling them u now have water. As I turned on the water to the kitchen sink the sound of water echoes through the house along with tears if joy rolling down the cheeks of this 600lbs man known as Tiny. They were so excited and screaming with joy I thought to myself how easily we take for granted the small treasures in life and realized so many things I had to be thankful for. They called me an angel but not really just a simple man who has a heart of gold that enjoys getting people water.

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