Saving A Well In Montgomery, TX

Just last Sunday I was servicing a well in Montgomery. I checked the pump with my meter and showed to b shorted. The well came with a 1 1/2 hp sub. Pump. Well as we pulled the pipe out of the well and got the last joint, 160 ft. to our amazement there was no pump there, only bare wires. The pump was still in well. I could see the overwhelming despair on my customers face. So I then explained what had to be done. We first dropped a string line down the well to see if pump was stuck at 160 ft. If so we had to fish it out or drive it to the bottom inside the sand screen to allow water to go by the pump to produce enough water not 2 pump off. Well as the string line reached 160 ft it stopped suddenly as I expected it would. Well, I pondered on a solution as I thought about all the wells I have saved in the past. I then took a 1-inch threaded nipple galvanized. I saw cut 4 1/4 inch slices down the threaded nipple taking a hammer and screwdriver I hammered between the treads making the end of the nipple shrinking diameter. So it would easily go inside the 1 1/4 female coupling. As we went back in the well with 1 1/4 drop pipe 20 ft. At a time arriving at 160, we tried to screw into the pump but it broke free and went to the bottom. The only thing to do was make sure it did buy driving down more pipe until we reached 220 ft. We felt the pipe stop and knew we were at the bottom. On the first attempt, we tagged the pump and came out with it. The customer was in total shock and it was made possible by the galvanized nipple one of many tricks I’ve learned in my many years of experience in a family business that was passed down by an awesome grandpa who taught me everything. Thanks again for everything you’ve done for me. Call your grandpa or loved one today and let them know they are loved.

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